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Can he convince her to forgive him while avoiding falling in love with her?

Bella Cotton didn’t need rescuing. She was fine with being the family disappointment, the not-like-the-others bridesmaid, fine with them all forgetting her birthday... But when the impossibly hot dude at the bar dared her to take him as her fake date to her sister’s wedding the next day? Well yeah, she was tempted to do far more than have him at her side tomorrow—she’d have him every which way tonight!
But next morning he’d gone—had all he wanted and ditched her before the fake date bit!
Now she’s collided with him again in the most humiliating circumstance and it turns out he isn’t an every day klutz like her. He’s some sort of billionaire genius and he wants to ‘rescue’ her all over again?

Tech titan Owen Hughes didn’t mean to hide his identity from the gorgeous woman he met that night on Waiheke island. He also didn’t mean to leave her so soon. But business always comes first for him. It has to.
Still, letting her down had left him with a bad feeling. Now the sweetheart seems to be in another spot of bother and he’s only too happy to help out. That’s if she’ll let him. And this time he’ll make his position clear: Pleasure? Yes. Permanent? Never.

At least that’s what he thinks...


One click for a badluck butterfingers heroine, comfort food, steamy banter, a hero fighting hard to hide his heart, wine spillage, a car named Bubbles, seriously hot bathroom stuff, a plush soft toy tiger, and an ending that will make your heart soar.

Fans of Jill Shalvis, Lucy Score and Meghan Quinn will love this happily ever after from USA Today Bestselling author Natalie Anderson.Steamy romance that’ll make you smile, and sigh.

***Previously published as Pleasured in the Playboy's Penthouse***

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