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It’s taken forever for Lexi Peterson to get over the crater-sized, unrequited crush she had on ultimate playboy Luke Marchetti, yet it only takes one look for her to be right back where she started. But Lexi’s not quite as shy as she once was and when they’re trapped together with only one bed, she figures that maybe its time Luke got a taste of his own medicine.

Bad boy Luke has been maxing out his reputation his whole adult life, but now the one girl he couldn’t ever have is right in his room wearing a teeny tiny piece of nothing. He resists, right? He really, really tries to resist.

But when feelings fight their way from the cage in which he’s kept them for so long, he finally realises the real problem. How’s he going to convince Lexi that she’s the one he wants for good?

Featuring a dog named Mango, kisses on a Ferris wheel and a play-by-play enactment of a fantasy gone unfulfilled for far too long… Her Forbidden Crush is for readers who love a first time do-over and some sizzle with their romance.

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Updated: January 2022
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